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"no more rushing through choreos to get it done in one online online."

Ever since I started out on my pole journey, I've always admired the beautiful lines ballet dancers have. They move with such effortless flexibility and yet with such strength.


Like many others I didn't know how to achieve this back then but over the past 12 years of honing my craft I've collected the invaluable experience and critical knowledge to add that graceful flow to my style.

In my years of judging competitions, teaching classes and privates, creating workshops and giving online classes I've learned that most students struggled with one thing above all else: clean lines.


That's why I've created my hypnotic flow intense.

What sets this program apart from all the other courses and tutorials out there is a focus on not simply learning a choreo but more importantly on understanding how to use your body in the best way to create the most stunning flow with outstanding lines!

I mean, how amazing is this!? No more rushing through choreos to get it done in one class online. You will get more time to check up all the details, filled with my secrets of specific exercises for challenging moves.


Let's start our training with a bang & spoil yourself with this goodie

see you soon x Laura

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